Do you provide calligraphy samples?
I would love to do a sample for you and show off my calligraphy but due to the sheer number of sample requests its just not possible.

Do you work only with London based clients?
Absolutely not, my calligraphy studio might be based in London but I’ve seen my work travel the four corners of the globe. Don’t let a small thing like distance stop us from working together.

Can I meet you in person to discuss my project?
Yes of course, I insist. A studio visit can be arranged. However I understand this is not always possible, we can certainly work out the finer details over email/phone.

How do I get my stationery to you?
Visit us in person to the studio or post your name cards, invitations, menus or envelopes to the Calligraphy studio.  Address is as follows:  Candid Arts Studios, Studio 3C, Third Floor, 5 Torrens Street, London, EC1V 1NQ

What’s your normal turnaround time?
Most commissions are usually completed on a 1 week turnaround.

I needed my project completed yesterday, can you help?
Absolutely! In exceptional circumstances, same day commissions have been accommodated. Of course, this is subject to a fee and availability. Get in contact and let me know the details.

Do you offer calligraphy workshops or lessons?
Awesome, you want to learn calligraphy! I get inundated with calligraphy workshops and lessons. As a full time commission based calligrapher its difficult to fit in workshops and lessons. However do get in contact and I will recommend some lovely calligraphers for you.

What format do you prefer guest/address lists?
Via email, in a word document or a spreadsheet. Typed up exactly as you would like it scribed. Little tip, compile your lists in a order that makes sense to you, I will return your stationery in the same order.

How many spares do you need?
I recommend 10% spares, this is more than enough and I rarely use them but it is useful to have a contingency for them last minute additions or drop outs.

What are my ink colour options?
All my ink is hand mixed by eye, therefore there is no limit to what I mix or make, if you need to match a colour then all I request is you provide a physical colour reference.

What services do you provide?
Calligraphy can be used in a number of contexts, listed are some typical commissions.
Envelope calligraphy addressing, invitation name addressing, individually handwritten menus & invitations, name cards, escort cards, poems & love letters as well as providing a design service.
If you have an unusual project, get in contact and say hello as I would love to hear about it